Reimagining RetirementNot Financial Planning; Life Planning for Your Bonus Years

With Americans living longer,
healthier lives, the conventional
idea of retirement is being reinvented.

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How the Process Works

You’ll meet weekly with a small group of like-minded participants for 90 minutes over 5 weeks. To ensure that all participants are fully engaged with the content and exercises, the dialog will encourage each participant to express his/her thoughts and actively benefit from the wisdom expressed by other participants. These conversations create a sense of community where support, authenticity, clarity, momentum and actions ignite a desire to create a fulfilling next chapter in your bonus years.

 Key Issues

  • Who Am I today?
  • What Gives Meaning to My Life?
  • What About Socializing?
  • What Will I Do With My Time?
  • What About Income?
  • What About Staying Healthy?

Between sessions you’ll have assignments that deepen the learning experience and accomplish action steps along the way. Assignments can be done individually or with a buddy from the group.

Week One: Explore “retirement” from different perspectives. Redefine its specific meaning to you. Participate in a dialog that covers the key issues.

Week Two: Visualize the next 5, 10, 20+ years.  Envision the exciting possibilities.

Week Three: Clarify what you need and don’t need for the journey ahead. Analyze and share your thoughts about money and wellness in your bonus years.

Week FourBe curious and open to the possibilities that lie ahead. Gain insights from your fellow participants. Take inventory of where you are: your place in life, the people you care about, your life’s work and purpose.

Week FiveExamine and review the options and decide on a new way forward. Commit yourself to taking the first steps—knowing you can adapt as you go.

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Jay Bell, Facilitator