Food for Thought

Not Your Father’s Retirement Turning 65 today is different than it used to be: Baby boomers refuse to grow old

People turning 65 today can go see the musical heroes that brightened their youth any day of the week, because they never really went away. Paul McCartney recently played the Apollo in Harlem. Keith Richards just released his autobiography. Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Smokey Robinson and Paul Simon are all very much alive and kicking. Well, alive. Read More

Boomers Are Changing How We Retire

The baby boom generation has broken the mold at every stage of life, and it looks like old age won’t be any different. Boomers aren’t heading quietly into retirement. They’re launching businesses, embracing digital technology and living longer. Here is a look at trends shaping the next wave of retirement. Read More

Replacing the “R” Word

Retirement, as defined in the dictionary at retreating, is no longer an apt description of the bonus years after shifting from a core career. As free thinking citizens we can modernize how we talk about the stage of life to reflect what is really going on. Read More

Jay Bell, Facilitator